Why gym clothes still stink even after washing

Synthetic fibers are "Odor Magnets"

To understand why gym clothes stink even after washing, we need to understand what makes them smell. According to Proctor & Gamble, over 70% of laundry dirt is caused by body soils that are invisible to the eye - sweat, skin cells and a waxy fat called sebum.

Different kinds of fabrics are also used for sporting. Cotton is the most common type of fabric and is very absorbent, which is why it feels heavy after we sweat a lot. Bacteria and body oils from sweat will all be absorbed by the cotton fiber but it can also be washed easily.

Synthetic fibers like dri-fit shirts are waterproof or sweat proof but are actually notorious for absorbing body soils. Our natural body oil or sebum and bacteria can get trapped in the fibers and become hard to remove, making them dirt and odor magnets. 

Some laundry detergents do not perform as well when removing bad odors from synthetic fibers. According to Drew Westervelt, an expert in detergents "More than 60% of today's laundry is synthetic or blended fibers, but traditional detergent was never designed to clean those fabrics - they were always focused on stain removal. But odors from bacteria, mold and mildew are now the real problem and they can't be dealt with by simply covering them up with added fragrances."

To combat bad odors, we recommend adding Organiks Disinfectant to your laundry. Organiks Disinfectant works by eliminating the source of bad odor which is bacteria, rather than masking it with scents. Personally, for real bad odors from week old forgotten gym clothes (sorry!), we put in 1:5 ratio or 1 cup Organiks to 4 cups water in a basin and let the clothes soak for 5-10 minutes. Clothes always come out odor-free which always amazes us.