What Makes Organiks Disinfectant Safe?

The Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Organiks Disinfectant is chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is a small and very strong molecule that can effectively eliminate bacteria and other germs that are responsible for bad odors and illness. Even at low concentrations, chlorine dioxide is effective because of its unique property of being able to absorb 5 electrons (or absorb and eliminate more germs) - making it more effective than normal chlorine.

In its natural state, chlorine dioxide is a gas and is actually very hard to handle since its gas, it will break down fast back into our atmosphere, is highly flammable and toxic. However, with our process, we are able to transform chlorine dioxide gas into something stable that we can all use safely - in aqueous or in liquid form. In this liquid form,  World Health Organization studies has shown that liquid chlorine dioxide has almost the efficacy but without the harmful effects- and has even been used in disinfecting drinkable water supply.

Unlike other disinfectants such as chlorine bleach and bromide, which makes carcinogenic byproducts, chlorine dioxide breaks down into salt, water and oxygen - making it environmentally safe to use. Chlorine dioxide also does not leave any residues when used, perfect for washing vegetables and fruits.