Where Do Germs Hide?


Germs love to hide, but are usually in plain sight!

Viruses are the most common of infectious diseases that we catch and spread while at home, work or in public. These can be transmitted from person to person thru droplets when we cough or sneeze, but indirectly spreading thru surface to person is also very common. So what are the areas germs can live on?

High-touch areas where people would usually touch or hold. Basically any surface that is being touched by a lot of hands are a candidate for germs such as:

  • Door knobs and handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Door bells
  • Faucets and toilet flush
  • Credit card terminals
  • ATM terminals
  • Shopping carts
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Condiment bottles in restaurants
  • Public tables, counter tops and chairs
  • Phones / mobile phones
  • Light switches
  • Computer mouse & keyboard
  • Keys and Car Keys
  • Paper money and coins
  • Pens and markers

Mobile phones or Office Phones should be regularly sanitized or disinfected, especially shared phones. You can easily get sick by putting an infected phone close to your mouth or face. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention even categorizes mobile phones as a commonly touched surface! Be cautious about borrowing another person's mobile phone.

Kitchen needs to be regularly cleaned and sanitized as well to prevent cross contamination when handling raw produce and preventing the spread of Salmonella. Sanitizing your cutting board goes a long way and don't forget about your kitchen sponge and sink area. Germs love moist and warm areas.

Infectious diseases can easily spread in Offices and Classrooms where people stay for a long time. These areas are also usually multi-used areas where people study, work, eat and play. All it takes is to have one person cough to infect the whole lot.