Can It Be Used For Pets?

Yes! It can be use to disinfect pets and their beds/cages!

We love walking our dog around the neighborhood, letting them see, hear, smell and explore new things. However, they could also bring back unwanted germs with them. We find disinfecting them with alcohol dries up their paws and we can't really spray them with bleach. Our solution is to use Organiks Disinfectant, which is a safe and non-toxic way to sanitize our pets! We recommend creating a 20% solution or 1:5 ratio (200ml Organiks Disinfectant to 800ml water) and use it to spray on paws and coat.

The problem for pet lovers is that if they need to disinfect cages, beds, litter pans and other animal spaces, they would need to use strong chemical disinfectants that may produce harmful byproducts and risk having their pets exposed to chemical poisoning or toxic fumes. While not disinfecting at all exposes their pets to several diseases from harmful bacteria that inhabits animal feces and urine.

One of the best solutions is to use a powerful disinfectant that is also pet friendly. Organiks Disinfectant provides all of these benefits plus it's also eco-friendly! It is one of he fastest acting broad-spectrum disinfectant, proven to kill bacteria and virus that are hard to kill with other disinfectants.

Did you know Organiks Disinfectant is also an excellent deodorizer? Chlorine dioxide is extremely powerful at killing odor producing bacteria and even removes stubborn urine and fecal odor! Organiks Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant is also not harsh to use and leaves no chemical smell after. It will truly be your pet's new best friend.


Remove pet from cage/enclosure and wash cage/enclosure and water and soap, removing any debris. Wet all surfaces with Organiks and let air dry. How fast you want it disinfected would depend on how strong your solution is. Example:

If you plan to use Organiks  50% solution or 1:1 ratio (500ml Organiks and 500ml water) then wet all surfaces and let it stay wet for at least 10 mins and let it air dry.

If you plant to use Organiks 100% concentrate, then wet all surfaces for at least 1 minute and let it air dry.