Can It Deodorize Underwear?

Yes it can! Remove smelly odor caused by bacteria with Organiks! 

Here's the truth, vaginas are home to billions of bacteria that causes a lot of different smells depending on how much you sweat, your menstrual cycle or hygiene habits and these smells and bacteria will stick to your underwear!

What we do:

Dilute Organiks with water using 1:5 ratio or 200ml Organiks with 800ml water in a basin and submerge smelly underwear for at least 10 minutes. Take out and rinse with water. That's it! Your underwear is now odor and bacteria free!

Here's a bonus: according to Healthline, here are 7 different vaginal smell and what they mean.

1. Tangy or Fermented Smell

Tangy or sour smelling vaginas are common since the the pH level of healthy vaginas are acidic at 3.8 to 4.5 level. This enables it to protect against an overgrowth of bacterial population.

2. Coppery or Metallic Smell

Blood contains iron and has a metallic smell and the common cause is menstruation. During your period, blood and tissue sheds from your uterine lining and travels though your vaginal canal.
Light bleeding can also happen during sex, especially when you're experiencing dryness. If your vagina has had contact with semen, this may change the pH level and cause a metallic smell.

If you’re experiencing bleeding unrelated to your period or the metallic smell continues with itching and discharge, it’s best to see a doctor.

3. Sweet Smelling

Vaginas can smell sweet because of changes in its pH levels due to bacteria. Nothing to worry about!

4. Smells Like Ammonia

If you're vagina smells like cleaning products, it may be a reason to go see a doctor. Urine contains a byproduct of ammonia called urea and a buildup of urine in your underwear can cause a chemical smell.

    5. Smell like B.O. or Skunky Smell

    Another reason for a bad smelling vagina can be due to emotional stress. When you're stressed out, you start sweating through your armpits and, you got it, your groin.

    6. Smells Fishy

    Its also possible for your vagina to smell "fishy" due to bacterial vaginosis, a kind of vaginal infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and they give off a pungent smell.

    Bacterial vaginosis is a very common infection. Symptoms include:

    • a foul or fishy odor
    • thin gray, white, or green discharge
    • vaginal itching
    • burning during urination

    7. Smells Rotten, Like Something Died In There!

    If it smells like something died in there, it might not be you but something in you-like a forgotten tampon! Apparently, its more common than we think.